ICONICS was founded in 1986, in the United States. ICONICS is a leader in software for process automation and control. 

Solutions from ICONICS meet customer needs for SCADA/MES software. The company's products cover all key aspects of industrial applications - from connecting to devices, through archiving and alarms, to creating and publishing interactive HMIs.

Due to the high flexibility and variety of configuration options, products from ICONICS are used in various industries. Examples are: building automation, manufacturing and processing industry, mining, power generation, water and wastewater, public infrastructure management or food industry. 

ICONICS keeps up to date with the latest technological developments. For this reason, its products, in addition to the traditional SCADA system functions, offer you the possibility to implement modern solutions - e.g. in the field of Augmented Reality or Cloud applications. 

Elmark Automatyka has the technical knowledge and competence needed to support implementation of solutions from ICONICS. If you want to talk about the application of our products in your company, write to us at iconics@elmark.com.pl.