Regulations of online stores Elmark Automatyka S.A. 

  1. To use our online store, you must fill out an application for a new account (register). Applications are verified and approved on business days, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. The application approval is to provide the data needed to issue invoice for the purchase. In the store it is possible to shop without registration (as "guest").

  2. Detailed terms and conditions for accounts of all customers are determined by the Elmark Automatyka S.A. employee. This includes for example discounts and available payment methods.

  3. Acceptable forms of payment include: cash for courier, transfer before delivery (based on pro forma invoice) and deferred payment. The first two are available to all customers and in most cases are promoted with a higher discount. The last (deferred transfer) is possible only for the customers who have good payment history with us. In the store it is possible to use payment cards (via PayU).

  4. Discounts: The method of calculating discounts depends on the parameters of the account and the group to which the (ordered) product belongs. The discount system covers most, but not all product groups. In particular, for Elmatic industrial computers we assembly, the discount is not assigned to disks, processors, memory, OS and accessories. The cart shows a discount on the total configuration of the ordered equipment.

  5. The cost of shipment depends on value of goods and country of delivery

    1. For shipments within EU: 30EUR for order value less than 500EUR without discount. Free above this value

    2. For shipments to Romania: 15EUR for order value less than 100EUR without discount. Free above this value
  6. Delivery times:

    1. All deliveries are made via DHL

    2. If the equipment ordered is in stock, orders are shipped the same or next business day. Orders with payment before shipment are shipped the same or the next business day in which the payment is credited. We only accept payment for equipment we have in stock.

    3. All shipments are made from Elmark Automatyka S.A. warehouse located in Poland. Equipment delivery time depends on the delivery time by DHL for the given location.

  7. An order is considered as placed at the moment of clicking on the "Approve" button, and is confirmed by a relevant on-screen and e-mail message.

  8. If a pre-shipment payment has been selected, the online store will send to the ordering party a separate email containing the pro forma invoice for payment. In the case of stock shortages, a pro forma invoice will be sent after completing the entire order. If the partial order option is selected, the pro forma invoice will be sent immediately, but only on the currently available hardware. The general rule is that the pro forma invoice is issued only on hardware that can be sent immediately upon receipt of the prepayment.

  9. Warranty terms for purchased equipment are available at

  10. In the case of Institutional Clients, the refunds of ordered equipment will not be accepted unless otherwise stated in the warranty conditions.

  11. In the case of individual customers (consumers), returns are accepted without the need for giving any reason, within 14 days from the date of delivery, in accordance with current regulations.

  12. Elmark Automatyka's employees have access to our customers personal data, which is used to perform orders. Databases are stored on servers at the headquarters of Elmark Automatyka and, for the needs of websites, on S.A servers and OVH Sp. z o.o. If there is need to provide access to external databases for companies that develop our systems, a confidentiality agreement is always signed. Customers email addresses can be used by Elmark Automatyka for commercial purposes only if customers select the appropriate option in the account panel. By default, the option for receiving commercial information is disabled. In addition to the situations described in this point, personal information is not shared with anyone.