Service and warranty

Warranty conditions for equipment purchased from Elmark Automatyka S.A.


    1. Elmark Automatyka S.A. provides warranties for sold equipment for a specified period of time in the table in the "Guarantee" column (in months), starting from the date specified in the "From day" column.

      [The equipment table with associated warranty periods is attached to the Warranty card]

      1. For batteries and accumulators (as separate items or as subassemblies), the warranty period is reduced to 6 months. This subscription does not apply to sales equipment, which is subject to a one-month activation guarantee only.
      2. For Mean Well products covered by the warranty and not listed on the warranty card, the warranty period is equal to the period indicated on the manufacturer's data sheet for the model.
      3. It is allowed for the LCD screen to have one bad pixel.
      4. For sales of Getac products outside the territory of Poland, Getac products are subject to the manufacturer's warranty. Detailed terms and conditions and reporting procedure are available on the manufacturer's website: Getac
    2. The warranty does not cover software, but in the case of any irregularities, Elmark Automatyka S.A. will make its best efforts to correct any errors by contacting the software manufacturer.
    3. Warranty repair is carried out within 2 weeks from the delivery of the equipment, if it is done on the premises of Elmark Automatyka S.A.
    4. If for technical reasons it is necessary to send the equipment to the manufacturer, the repair is carried out within 6 weeks.
    5. The cost of shipping the equipment to the manufacturer, if any, shall be borne by Elmark Automatyka S.A. in such a case.
    6. The equipment should be delivered to Elmark Automatyka S.A. service in one of two ways:
      1. for shipments from the territory of Poland: by DHL courier service at the expense of Elmark Automatyka S.A., subject to prior registration of the application on the site,
      2. at the expense and risk of the Client, by shipment of any kind, addressed to:

        Elmark Automatyka S.A. - SERWIS
        ul. Niemcewicza 76
        05-075 Warszawa     

    7. A detailed description of the defect and contact information for the person in charge of the equipment on the behalf of the Client shall be attached to the equipment.
    8. Transport of repaired equipment to the Client (after the repair) is at the expense of Elmark Automatyka S.A.
    9. The warranty does not cover mechanical damage or damage caused by improper handling.
    10. For a charge, Elmark Automatyka S.A. also provides post-warranty service.
    11. The lump-sum cost of post-warranty repair of equipment purchased from Elmark Automatyka S.A. is 25% of the price of the device according to the current price list, but not less than PLN 250 net or EUR 50.
    12. For post-warranty repairs performed, Elmark Automatyka S.A. provides warranty for a period of 3 months from the date of performance. This warranty covers only the elements/operations specified in the repair report.
    13. If the equipment sent to the service does not have a description of the damage, and after verification of its operation it turns out that it is fully operational, Elmark Automatyka S.A. reserves the right to charge a fee for verification of equipment in an amount depending on the amount of work, but not more than 25% of the value of new equipment.


  1. Terms for returning equipment purchased by consumers at a distance

    Returns are accepted without the need to give a reason, within 14 days from the date of delivery of the goods, in accordance with current legislation.


    Terms for returning equipment purchased in other cases

    Elmark Automatyka S.A. does not accept returns of equipment purchased by companies except when:

    • the operation of the equipment is inconsistent with the manufacturer's technical specifications;
    • the equipment specification on the order is incorrect, as a result of Elmark Automatyka S.A. submitting an incorrect offer;
    • was delivered equipment that does not conform to the VAT invoice;
    • the delivery date was not met for reasons beyond the Client's control;

    In the above-mentioned situations, and any other situations where there has been improper client service due to the fault of Elmark Automatyka S.A. or the manufacturer of the equipment, returns are accepted within 2 weeks from the date of sale, without charging handling fees. The cost of transportation of returned equipment is covered by Elmark Automatyka S.A., provided it is sent by DHL courier service. In justified cases, after prior amicable agreement, Elmark Automatyka S.A. accepts returns from regular clients within a period of not more than 2 weeks from the date of sale, provided that the returned equipment is sent at the client's expense, charging a handling fee related to the earlier incurring of transportation costs and the need for meticulous, time-consuming, full verification of its technical efficiency. If the equipment is operational and unused, the handling fee is 20% of its value according to the Elmark Automatyka S.A. price list in effect on the day of sale. If the equipment is operational, but the packaging, documentation or the equipment itself bears traces of use, the handling fee is 40% of its value according to Elmark Automatyka S.A. price list valid on the day of sale. Such equipment is discounted by Elmark Automatyka S.A. and sold via the Internet with a 40% discount. The final decision on the acceptance of the return and the amount of the handling fee is made by an employee of Elmark Automatyka S.A. after receiving and verifying the returned equipment.