MEAN WELL - Power supply


MEAN WELL Enterprises Co. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of power devices in the world. With over 10,000 standard models on offer and based on over 35 years of experience in designing, creating and supplying customers with power devices, MEAN WELL offers customers comprehensive and reliable solutions for a very wide range of applications.

MEAN WELL power supplies are one of the most popular solutions in industrial automation (including DIN rail power supplies) and LED lighting systems (including constant voltage LED power supplies, constant current LED power supplies). They are also used in alarm systems, lighting of offices, hotels, stadiums, building automation, KNX systems. A popular segment is also chargers for acid, gel, AGM, lithium-ion, LiFePo4, Ca-Ca batteries. A large range of products are enclosed power supplies, used as elements of larger devices. Attention should also be paid to DC/DC converters, wall mounted power supplies, medical power supplies, power supplies with UPS function and power supplies for Rack 19” cabinets. The manufacturer has power supply solutions with various output voltages, the most popular of which are MEAN WELL 12V and 24V power supplies.

Following the spirit of constant innovation, MEAN WELL expands its offer by 10% compared to the current product lines every year. Currently, it offers complete power solutions ranging from 0.5W ~ 25,600W in various classes to meet the requirements of applications in specific industries. The main product lines of the power supply include: AC/DC power supplies, LED power supplies, battery chargers, DC/DC converters and DC/AC converters.

Elmark Automatyka S.A. is an authorized distributor of MEAN WELL in Poland. We support our clients in consulting and selection of devices, we offer pre-and post-sales technical support, assistance in choosing optimal solutions for given needs. As an authorized distributor of MEAN WELL in Poland, we also offer local equipment service, a large warehouse, very fast delivery (shipments within 24 hours for in-stock devices) and a full range of MEAN WELL solutions.

If you are looking for switching power supply with high reliability, good quality, reasonable price and full series products, MEAN WELL, a total solution provider which can satisfy your various demands, is definitely your first choice!