Realwear is the manufacturer of  HMT-1®, the best ruggedized head-mounted wearable Android-class tablet computer that frees a worker’s hands for dangerous jobs. The hands-free monocular HMT-1 is purpose-built for Connected Worker programs in the industrial enterprise and is safely controlled with just your voice, even in extremely noisy environments.

With a growing number of hands-free partner solutions, our customers are taking full advantage of the unlimited power of the HMT-1 for remote mentor, document navigation, industrial IoT visualization and digital workflow solutions. Global leaders in energy, manufacturing and automotive industries trust the HMT-1 to empower and connect their global workforce.


Realwear HMT-1

  • The world’s first hands-free Android™ tablet class wearable computer for industrial workers

  • Four digital microphones and advanced algorithms – performs at 100dB

  • Protected against heavy seas or powerful jets of water, resistant to 2-meter drops onto concrete from any angle

  • Full Shift Internal Battery

  • Designed to work with standard hard helmets, bump caps and safety glasses.

  • Compatible with Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Zoom, HPE MyRoom, Teamviewer

  • Huge ecosystem of third party software vendors