ExtraEter 18dBi

omnidirectional 2.4GHz, 18dbi, N female

Manufacturer: Cyberbajt
Manufacturer: Cyberbajt
  • Omnidirectional antena
  • Frequency range: 2,412 - 2,497 GHz
  • Gain: 18 dBi
  • Horizontal polarization
  • Connector: N/Female
  • Mounting to mast
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    ExtraEter 18dBi (2)
    omnidirectional 2.4GHz, 18dbi, N female
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    ExtraEter 18dBi (2)
    omnidirectional 2.4GHz, 18dbi, N female
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OD 24-18H antenna is predicted 2,4 GHz frequency for base stations. Antenna works at the horizontal polarization and has 18 dBi gain. At present it is one of the most high-gain omnidirectional antennas, which are available on the market. OD 24-18H omnidirectional antenna can cover area up to 15 km.

The omni antenna of OD 24-18H is made of aluminium waveguide, with cut-set dimensions of 50x100mm, which allows for the 360 degrees cover (with the full antenna gain). The antenna has 32 slots. Using gold plated elements allows for strong, constant signal and failure free operation for long time. OD 24-18H antenna comes with N Female connector and it's equipped with stainless and robust mast mount bracket, which allows downtilt of 15 degrees.

Technical Specification

Antenna type omnidirectional
Frequency range 2,412 - 2,497 GHz
Gain 18 dBi
Polarization horizontal
Back ratio n/a dB
Vertical beam width 6 ° for -3dB
Horizontal beam width 360 ° for -3dB
VSWR 1 : 1,8
Impedance 50 Ohm
Connector N/Female
Wind load 56 m/s
Mounting to mast
The diameter of the mast / pole 30 - 50 mm
Dimensions 1450 x 100 x 50 mm
Package dimension 148/15/9 cm
Total weight 5000 g
Weight with mounting 4400 g
Weight without mounting 3250 g
Warranty 60 months