XProtect Express+

Milestone XProtect™ Express+ Software

Manufacturer: Milestone Systems
Manufacturer: Milestone Systems
  • Up to 48 cameras
  • Single site
  • 3rd-party integrations
  • Alarm management
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XProtect Express+

XProtect Express+


XProtect Express+ is video management software (VMS) for smaller, single-site companies with a light need for live video monitoring. Supporting up to 48 cameras and the ability to integrate with existing operations, such as access control and people counting, XProtect Express+ is the perfect match for retail shops, parking lots or office buildings.

Featured Features:

  • XProtect Clients system
  • XProtect add-ons
  • Instant notifications
  • Integration with third-party apllications
  • Milestone Interconnect
  • Encryption, password protection
  • Dual authentication
  • HTTPS communication support
  • Multi-layer maps
  • Meta data