TXOne Networks | ElementOne

A Holistic Centralized Management Platform for Portable Inspector and Safe Port

Manufacturer: TXOne Networks
Manufacturer: TXOne Networks
  • A Holistic View for Risk Assessment
  • Detailed Malware-Free Report
  • Easily Manage Your Portable Inspector
  • SIEM Integration
  • Scan Log Management
  • Role-Based Access Control
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ElementOne is an enterprise-grade solution for optimizing the asset inspection process and audit checks while supporting existing processes without introducing additional complexity or burden.

Portable Inspector collects asset information that the platform polishes before displaying it on an overview dashboard in the OT environment in a user-friendly format. It offers asset management capabilities that allow users to view asset status, including vulnerabilities, operating system updates, installed applications, and asset specifications.

Moreover, the grouping design provides a very easy way to manage all Portable Inspectors and configure settings. The platform also allows users to export malware-free reports for assets and provides a user-friendly interface for easily reviewing malware-scanning logs.

Technical Specification

Hypervisor Vmware ESXi 6.0 and above
CPU 2.2 GHz or above
Browser Latest version of Chrome recommended


Quantity of Portable
CPU Core Memory Type of storage drive*1
<= 100 1 1 GB HDD/SSD
101 ~ 300 2 2 GB HDD/SSD
301 ~ 500 2 4 GB HDD/SSD
501 ~ 1000 4 4 GB HDD/SSD


Quantity of Scan Log*2 Image Disk Size Data Disk Size*3
10,000,000 100 GB 25 GB
50,000,000 100 GB 110 GB
100,000,000 100 GB 210 GB

1. SSD storage drive is recommended.
2. A new log will be generated for each scan.
3. The estimated size of disk space you need to reserve for storing scan logs.

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