TXOne Networks | Stellar

Industrial Cyber-Physical System Detection and Response (CPSDR)

Manufacturer: TXOne Networks
Manufacturer: TXOne Networks
  • CPS Detection and Response (CPSDR)
  • Multi-Method Threat Prevention
  • Operational Configuration Lockdown
  • Trusted Peripheral Control
  • OT/CPS Context-Focused Database
  • Device Resource Management
  • Device-Centric Fingerprinting
  • Long-Term OS Support
  • Connected and Isolated Device Protection
  • Operator Safety and Integrity Override
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TXOne Stellar provides a context-focused security solution for OT endpoints and cyber-physical systems (CPS), aiming to defend operation stability with continuous detection and response aligned to the specific requirements of the OT domain. TXOne Stellar platform is composed of the centralized management consoleserver and unified agents apt for legacy OT devices and modern cyberphysical systems.

StellarOne™ , designed to streamline administration of the agents installed on modernized systems and legacy systems, along with its intuitive centralized management, consistent policy enforcement, and action-oriented alerts that empower security teams of all sizes and skill levels to successfully mature their organization’s security posture.

The CPSDR requires a deep understanding of what the expected behaviors for each device are. Embodied within the advanced Operations Behavior Anomaly Detection feature, which primarily defends against unexpected changes that may impact operational stability by comparing daily operation processes and behaviors with a unique baseline of each agent-device and performing comprehensive behavioral analysis not only via identifying baseline deviation but also using TXOne Networks' exclusive industrial application repository and ransomware detection engine.
StellarOne allows administrators to perform the following tasks:
  • Monitor StellarProtect/StellarProtect (Legacy Mode) agent status
  • Examine connection status
  • View configurations
  • Collect agent logs on-demand or by policy (Legacy Mode only)
  • Turn agent Application Lockdown on or off
  • Enable or disable agent Device Control
  • Configure agent Maintenance Mode settings
  • Update agent components
  • Initialize the Approved List
  • Deploy agent patches
  • Add trusted files and USB devices
  • Export agents' information
  • Import/Export agents' configuration settings or Approved List (Legacy Mode only)

StellarProtect™ / StellarProtect (Legacy Mode), using the single-agent design that delivers seamless asset-centric protection and ensures coverage for modern CPS and legacy OT devices throughout their entire asset lifecycle. The lightweight unified agent simplifies security by combining CPS Detection and Response (CPSDR), threat prevention, operations lockdown, and device control.

CPSDR: Embodied within the advanced Operations BehaviorAnomaly Detection feature, which establishes a unique baselinefingerprint of each agent-device during practicable operating statesand performs fingerprint deviation analysis by means of anexpansive industrial application repository and ransomwaredetection engine to defend against unexpected changes that mayimpact stability.

Moreover, TXOne Stellar brings the contextualization of securityinto an operation-led view to allow both the operation and securityteams to achieve their goals without needing to compromise. Toillustrate, if a device suddenly tried to start launching differentapplications, it would be blocked from doing so.From the operation view, this may be an unplanned auto-updatethat, if run, would take the device offline to reboot. From a security view, this could be an attempt to access an encryption library that isabout to be used to execute ransomware. By applying the operationcontext, both security and operation-initiated changes can bedetected, and appropriate responses are taken.In both cases, CPSDR stopped the event before it could occur. Thesecurity team followed up and resolved the ransomware infection ina different part of the environment. The operation team scheduledthe required update for during an upcoming planned maintenance

Multi-Method Threat Prevention: Provides advanced threat scan onthe basis of ICS root of trust and operations-focused machinelearning to secure the agent-devices against known and unknownmalware threats without compromising operational availability.
Operations Lockdown: For fixed-function and devices with limited patching availability, operations lockdown enforcement prohibitsunauthorized changes, including alterations to registry andfunction parameters.
Trusted Peripheral Control: Unauthorized access from externalsources, such as USB devices, is configurable and controlled toreduce physical access threats.

Leveraging an expansive ICS application and certificate library and exclusive ransomware detection engine, TXOne Stellar maintains CPS operational integrity through behavioral anomaly detection and eliminates configuration drift for legacy and fixed-use assets with device lockdown. Security teams can confidently deliver detection and response outcomes across the OT terrain, with TXOne Stellar effectively secure organization's security posture while maintaining its business operations stability.

Technical Specification

Supported systems

Client OS

o Windows 2000 (SP4) [Professional] (32bit)
o Windows XP (SP1/SP2/SP3) [Professional/Professional for Embedded Systems] (32bit)
o Windows Vista (NoSP/SP1/SP2) [Business/Enterprise/Ultimate] (32bit)
o Windows 7 (NoSP/SP1) [Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate/Professional for Embedded Systems/Ultimate for Embedded Systems] (32/64bit)
o Windows 8 (NoSP) [Pro/Enterprise] (32/64bit)
o Windows 8.1 (NoSP) [Pro/Enterprise/with Bing] (32/64bit)
o Windows 10 [Pro/Enterprise/IoT Enterprise] (32/64bit), LTSC 2015, Anniversary Update, LTSC 2016, Creators Update, Fall Creators Update, April 2018 Update, October 2018 Update*, LTSC 2019, May 2019 Update, November 2019 Update, May 2020 Update, October 2020 Update, May 2021 Update, November 2021 Update, LTSC 2021, 2022 Update
o Windows 11 (NoSP) [Pro/Enterprise] (64bit) 2022 Update
o Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 (32bit)
o Windows Embedded Standard 7 (NoSP/SP1) (32/64bit)
o Windows Embedded POSReady 7 (NoSP) (32/64bit)
o Windows Embedded 8 Standard (NoSP) (32/64bit)
o Windows Embedded 8 Industry (NoSP) [Pro/Enterprise] (32/64bit)
o Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry (NoSP) [Pro/Enterprise/Sideloading] (32/64bit)

Server OS o Windows Server 2000 (SP4) (32bit)
o Windows Server 2003 (SP1/SP2) [Standard/Enterprise/Storage] (32bit)
o Windows Server 2003 R2 (NoSP/SP2) [Standard/Enterprise/Storage] (32bit)
o Windows Server 2008 (SP1/SP2) [Standard/Enterprise/ Storage] (32/64bit)
o Windows Server 2008 R2 (NoSP/SP1) (Standard/Enterprise/Storage] (64bit)
o Windows Server 2012 (NoSP) (Essentials/Standard] (64bit)
o Windows Server 2012 R2 (NoSP) (Essentials/Standard] (64bit)
o Windows Server 2016 (NoSP) [Standard] (64bit)
o Windows Server 2019 (NoSP) [Standard] (64bit)
o Windows Server 2022 (NoSP) [Standard] (64bit)
o Windows Storage Server 2012 (NoSP) [Standard] (64bit)
o Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 (NoSP) [Standard] (64bit)
o Windows Storage Server 2016 (NoSP) (64bit)


Stellar Protect (Legacy) mode:

Client OS o Windows 2000 SP4 (32-bit)
o Windows XP SP1/SP2/SP3 (32-bit) (except Starter and Home editions)
o Windows Vista No-SP/SP1/SP2 (32-bit) (except Starter and Home editions)
o Windows (Standard) XP Embedded SP1/SP2 (32-bit)
Server OS o Windows 2000 Server SP4 (32-bit)
o Windows Server 2003 SP1/SP2 (32-bit)
o Windows Server 2003 R2 No-SP/SP2 (Standard/Enterprise/Storage) (32-bit)
o Windows Server 2008 R2 No-SP (64-bit)


StellarOne - requirements

TXOne StellarOne™ is packaged in an Open Virtual Appliance (OVA) or Virtual Hard Disk v2 (VHDX) format. The above mentioned package files respectively apply to different hypervisors.

• VMware ESXi 6.5 or above
• VMware Workstation 16 Pro or above

• Windows Server 2019, Hyper-V Manager Windows 10 or above

Hardware requirements vary depending on the number of agents and logs that will be configured and retained. Please refer to the sections below for determining the optimal number of agents that your StellarOne server deployment can manage on different platforms. 


Max number of agends

Min number of


1st HDD

2nd HDD (Recomended)

2nd HDD when
is enabled



32 GB

25 GB

100 GB

475 GB



16 GB

100 GB

350 GB



16 GB

50 GB

250 GB



16 GB

50 GB

175 GB



12 GB

50 GB

125 GB



12 GB

50 GB

70 GB



12 GB

50 GB

60 GB

The external disk space varies depending on the number of logs planned to be stored, as shown in the table below.

Number of logs Disk space
300,000,000 500 GB
180,000,000 300 GB
90,000,000 150 GB
60,000,000 100 GB
30,000,000 50GB

StellarProtect requirements 



Disk space/RAM


Recommended free disk space for StellarProtect
Single Installer required during the installation
process: 1.5GB
Minimum memory usage required when Application
Lockdown and Real-Time Scan are both enabled:
StellarProtect: 350MB
StellarProtect (Legacy Mode): 300MB
Minimum memory usage required when Application
Lockdown is enabled and Real-Time Scan is disabled:
StellarProtect: 120MB
StellarProtect (Legacy Mode): 100MB

Monitor and resolution

VGA (640 x 480), 16 colors

Licenses type





Banking, Retail

Critical Infra, Manufacturing, Pharma

 Industrial application repository


 ICS application safeguard


 Intelligent runtime learning



 Next-generation antivirus​



 Operations lockdown​

Legacy mode only


 Operations behavior anomaly detection​


 Trusted USB device control



 Support legacy systems