Scalar Control Inverter | 0.75kW-37kW 3X400VAC


Manufacturer: Elmatic
Manufacturer: Elmatic

U/f scalar inverter with three-phase power supply 3 x 400V AC

  • Small size, low price
  • U/f control
  • RS485 port, Modbus RTU, ASCII protocols
  • 4 digital inputs,1 relay output, 1 analog input 0-10V, 0/4-20mA
  • Built-in PID controller
  • Multispeed function - up to 15 speed settings
  • Built-in LED display with potentiometer
  • Fly start
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Elmatic's inverters are three series of inverters designed for different applications and environments:

Many advanced features have been trimmed to reduce the price of the device. This makes all series suitable for low- and medium-level applications or machines. However, this does not affect the quality of daily operation, parameterization or performance of the drive. There are some interesting features that are sometimes only available in inverters twice as expensive. In simple EL1000 inverters with three-phase power supply 3x400VAC, these will include:

  • RS485 port; Modbus RTU, ASCII protocols - this gives the ability to control and diagnose through most automation devices, mainly PLCs;
  • Built-in PID controller;
  • Simple PLC;
  • Multispeed function - up to 15 speed settings;
  • Built-in LED display with potentiometer;
  • Fly start;
  • Free configuration software.

The EL1000 series inverter is:

  • Small size, low price;
  • U/f scalar control;
  • 4 programmable digital inputs;
  • 1 relay output;
  • 1 analog input 0-10V, 0/4-20mA;
  • Built-in potentiometer. 

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EL1000 inverters with a power greater than 37kW on special order.

Technical Specification

Power Input Voltage 170-240VAC, Single Phase
330-440VAC, Three Phase
Input Frequency 50/60 Hz
Supported Motors Asynchronous Induction Motors, Three Phase Input
Overload Capacity 150%, 60 seconds
Control Control Method V/F control
Control Setting MODBUS, Analog, Digital, PID, Multispeed (15 speeds)
Communication MODBUS RTU RS-485
Input Analog Inputs  1 input 0-10V or 0-20mA
Digital Inputs 4 inputs
Output Analog Outputs -
Digital Outputs -
Relay Outputs 1 Programmable Multi-functional Output
Features 3-wire control
Connection of the braking resistor X
Built-in potentiometer
General Operating Temperature (-10)°C/14°F – 50°C/122°F (de-rated by 1% for every 1°C/2°F above 40°C/104°F)
Altitude < 1000m 
Enclosure Rating IP20
Mounting Options Wall and Rail (<5.5kW)
Wall  (≥5.5kW)
Cooling Forced Air-cooling